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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I've been feeling so drained lately.
I have this problem....
I overdo the things most people keep under control....

I exhaust myself...emotionally, physically....then I can't stay awake.
Unproductive hours turn into unproductive days.
Relaxation is hard to come by.
Exhaustion takes it's place.
I'm not any good for anything when it hits me.

First my eyes struggle to stay open, then it is as if I am staring down some abyss
that pulls me down, down...
until I succumb and then go into a reverie.

I catch myself snoring.
I pull away from my desk and lie down.
I close my eyes and enter a world that is both near and far
as if I'm lost in twight.

When I awake, I feel somehow refreshed.
It's only been a few minutes.
My dimensions were broadened for just a while.

The places I go in my dreams are all familiar.
 I dream the same dreams over and over again-
I like being there, wherever 'there' is.

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